What's the Point?


Not another girl rant.

Part autobiographical, part academic: the Jaded Environmentalist is 100% Alyssa. The blog takes a holistic approach to life by covering 3 main topics: the psychology of success and self-improvement, environmental and social change, and career development and finance tips. Sorry guys - but this is geared towards women (and, I hope, those who identify as such), and women's empowerment. I include resources to build your skills and wealth: book reviews, notes and thoughts on podcasts, classes and workshops I’ve attended, and life lessons I’ve learned to help you improve your hustle.

With these pages I hope to pay homage to the powerful, confident, and wise women whom I have learned from and hope to yet inspire. You continue to challenge me to think bigger, be better, and thrive! 

Who is this?

Alyssa is an attorney who works for an environmental non-profit in the Pacific Northwest. She has always been drawn to the outdoors. From childhood she loved romping in the woods and stewarding the environment: in elementary school, she went on her first cleanup at Jug Bay - a wetland of the Patuxent River in Maryland - and was hooked. She began the transition of dedicating her life to protecting the environment after leaving her last job as an Associate Attorney with a law firm in Miami, Florida, in 2013. She then started working with and for local environmental non-profits, including National Parks Conservation Association. 

Alyssa is dedicated to serving others and contributing to the community. She served on the board of an environment focused non-profit, the Fairchild Palms, from 2011 - 2015. She later volunteered with the Miami Group of the Sierra Club until she moved to Seattle in August of 2016. In January 2017, she joined the Executive Committee of the Seattle Group of the Sierra Club, where she served for one year. She participates in several Women in the Environment mentor groups, and is currently enrolled in Tilth Alliance's Soil and Water Conservation Steward Program. In her free time, Alyssa hopes to contribute her energy towards supporting local sustainable agriculture and creating a more just food system. 


When people love something, they will protect it. Alyssa's goal in life is to help people come to know and love places and inspire and support efforts to protect them. This blog is meant to provide support to women who seek to make positive change in their community, but may need some help, skills, or information along the way. I hope you shine. 

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